About Amy Goode Faris -pianist, composer and arranger of the Christmas CD Hot Chocolate Songs

Amy Goode Faris has loved Christmas
ever since Santa brought the dollhouse in ’73.

Actually, the year he brought the organ was even cooler to this Lubbock, Texas-based pianist/composer. When she found out hot chocolate was connected to the season, it was a done deal; she would be a Christmas fanatic for life!

Writing her first songs as a toddler and starting piano lessons at age 6, Amy has spent most of her life making music. In keeping with her passion for Christmas, she wrote a slew of holiday songs during her semi-turbulent adolescent years (one of them was even performed by the Lubbock High School Choir, to which she belonged).

Following a hunch starting at age 8 that she was to be a musician, Amy went ahead and got a Bachelor’s degree in Music Composition from Texas Tech University. After graduating, Amy toured as the keyboardist for numerous regional rock bands including Rapunzel, 100 Love Sonnets, Meltdown Morning, The Hi-Fi Collective, and the Reagan Administration. Amy has also played at Lubbock’s famed Cactus Theater as a part of the Texas Rhythm Machine, performed alongside keyboardist Todd Caldwell (Crosby, Stills and Nash), and played keys for such luminaries as Mac Davis, Joe Ely, Richie McDonald, Tom Braxton and Terry Allen. She also stayed busy as a church pianist, where unsuspecting audiences were regularly subjected to arrangements of her favorite hymns and carols.

These days, Amy is instilling a love for music (and Christmas!) in her daughter, Rachel. She and her husband, guitarist and record producer Scott Faris, can be found creating original rock-and-roll in their newest band Strawberry Crush.

Hot Chocolate Songs - a jazzy little Christmas CD by Amy Goode Faris