Hot Chocolate Songs - The Christmas CD by pianist, composer and arranger Amy Faris
“The epitome of the brotherly love of sharing a tasty treat... Hot Chocolate!!!”
- Amy Faris

Welcome to the wonderful world of Hot Chocolate Songs, a spunky Christmas album by
pianist/composer Amy Goode Faris!

This Christmas CD is exactly what it sounds like - a flavorful batch of tunes that make you want to sit back in front of the fireplace with a steaming mug of hot cocoa. And, of course, once there, you’ll want to reflect on the holiday (or watch the marshmallows float around until they melt). Either way, it’s a tasty treat that you’re sure to enjoy! So grab your favorite mug and sit down by the fire for some smokin’ Christmas favorites!

Hot Chocolate Songs - a jazzy little Christmas CD by Amy Goode Faris

Welcome to my home this Christmas! I can't say that things are
decorated out the wazoo, but if you step inside,
you can Listen to Hot Chocolate Songs, the CD by pianist and composer Amy Goode Faris the sounds of the holiday coming
from my piano in the bedroom.

The Amy Faris's Hot Chocolate Songs photo album is out on the coffee table so you can
see where Amy's biography came from
(not to mention me as a blonde!) and some of my fellow Musicians who played on Hot Chocolate Songs

Scott's making hot chocolate in the kitchen,
while Rachel strews jumbo Rachel throwing marshmallows! about the house
like a crazed Christmas flower girl!

Soon, I'll stop playing and leave to buy a few last minute
gifts, but until then, grab some hot cocoa, kick back,
and savor the season with me!

Amy's lovely signature
P.S. - On my album, you'll find everything from prancing-around-the-hearth songs to pensive-in-the-dark songs, traditional favorites to exciting new originals. If you like music and you like Christmas, you'll love Hot Chocolate Songs!!!
Hot Chocolate Songs - a jazzy little Christmas CD by Amy Goode Faris